Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, I must have really pissed Ole Man Winter off with my last entry. His payback? A huge regional snowstorm with wraparound lake effect aftershocks. Phfftt....

I was out at 5:30am shoveling his latest contribution to the landscape-8 inches of it. ;P

Why so early? Well, I was supposed to have 6:30am shift in a town 15 miles away, but the nice man at the County Sheriff's Office said "The snow plows aren't out yet, old 76 has not been cleared." "If you don't have 4 wheel drive, don't go."

Okay, good enough for me! I called the office, talked to one of the on-call staffers that live about 80 miles away(our agency covers the whole eastern half of the Lower Peninsula, with 3 offices) and she sounded kind of doubtful about my not going. But I explained to her how far it was, what the conditions were and that the area is a dead zone for cell coverage-an empty, desolate stretch of road. If I had gone off the road, I'd sit there till I could flag someone down.

I made that trip in the exact same kind of conditions last year. Once. The roads were so bad, that I didn't dare stop, or try to turn around. All I could do was keep going forward. White knuckle time.

I also missed a 3 hour afternoon shift today. Again, 15 miles from my house. I called the client and she said that she didn't know if her road had been plowed or not-she can't see it from the house. She's the only house back on this country dirt road-not a priority for the plows. So I offered to drive out there and see. Not only was her road not plowed, but the dirt road that it connects with-that I have to drive on to get to her road-wasn't plowed.

Again, I called the office, talked to the same on-call and explained the situation. I know she thinks I'm being some kind of slacker, and that she called the client as soon as I hung up. I also know the client would explain the whole situation.

So, I basically have the afternoon off. The shoveling is finished, I've relaxed a bit and now I'm going to do some reorganizing in my bedroom. I really need to thin out my book collection stacks, and shelves, and boxes. I know, that's alot of books, what can I say?

I am still optimistic about spring's arrival, I can't let this late winter weather beat me down!
So, bring it on, Ole Man.... (there's another snowstorm forecast for Thursday!) ;p

~Thanks For Stopping By~


  1. I'm glad you didn't risk it. Life is short enough as it is, don't risk life and limb by getting out when there is a snow emergency on the roads!

    I keep thinking that we're so close to March...not much more to doesn't help when we get dumped on like this. :(

    Hugs, Beth

  2. I'm so glad we've barely had any snow this year here in eastern PA. Just gotta keep my fingers crossed for March!

  3. I agree with Beth/Missie in that you didn't venture out; always safe than sorry and those conditions don't seem good to be out traveling any great distances in!

    take heart, March is just around the corner!


  4. we just had a lot of wind and a few flurries. I am glad that typically, we do not have snows like that. I am not far from the interstate but my road to get there can be impassable in a "real" snow.
    havea great week!

  5. Spring is coming.....
    Spring is coming........
    Spring is coming..........
    Maybe if we say it enough, it will come true faster.
    I would much rather read you stayed home then tried to drive on those types of conditions. I would hope everyone could understand that.
    I hope you enjoyed your afternoon off and when your done, will you come organize my books as well? (smile)

  6. Sounds to me like you did the right thing.

    Spring? What's that? I forgot.

  7. I'm glad you decided to be safe. I always seem to work for the kind of bosses where I have driven through blizzards, ice storms & hurricanes to get to the office while they sit at home. Spring HAS to come soon!

  8. Hi hon :) Sorry I haven't written in awhile but let's just say I'm having a hard time of it.
    I wish we could have had at least a little snow ::sigh:: damn I miss Oregon so much at times.
    I'm glad you didn't go on those trips ~ it's not worth the chance that you might have an accident. We don't want that, we want our Leigh to be healthy and happy :) Missed you.
    Hugs and Blessings** Teresa

  9. Your last post was so beautifully written
    that I just had to let you know how much
    I enjoyed it. I can tell that you and I
    share a love of Nature. I am usually
    awestruck by the wonders around me. Even
    snow and ice. But not to drive in. You
    were right to be cautious. Write on.

  10. While I totally understand and agree with your decision I fall into that subgroup that MUST fight all storms. I rationalize that it is the caregiver in me and I am just being prepared but I LOVE winter storms.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  11. Thank you for your visits, thoughtfulness and kind words. Take care of you,

  12. I hope spring gets to your neck of the wood very soon!!

  13. I changed the name of my blog. I took my name out of the title. I didn't want anyone to be able to find me so easily by just typing in my name.

    New name is: A middle aged mom's upside down world.

    New address is:

    If you're a follower you should get updates as you're all still listed, but to be on the safe side, you could delete and re-add yourself if you just have me in your favorites and follow that way, you'll need to add my new address and delete the old.