Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Deep Breath...::sigh::

And another. For an inept computer user like me, this is B I G!
So far, so good. I just need to poke around and figure things out here.
I have alot to learn in the next *less than* a month.

This may be the big push to get me to learn how to use this laptop of mine, finally. I have LOTS of questions that I'll need to track down the answers for.

Another deep breath....

In one of my efforts to keep track of everyone, I started a folder in favorites for J-Land members new addys. Any tips(in very simple English, please) will be immensely appreciated.

I'll have to check out the things I need to do here.
I have a half-pot of coffee, no early shifts tomorrow, and my battery's charging, so I'm good to go.

That's it for now, here. I'm going over to "I was thinking..."


  1. Many jlanders seem to think they were the original bloggers, but you've actually migrated back to where it all started!
    Don't freak out. You'll figure it out the same way you figured out AOL.

  2. LOL! Hi Marc. It's just so different here! Yeah, I'll be okay and there are lots of friends here to help me along the way.
    So much to learn!
    :) Leigh

  3. Hi so glad to see you.
    I am trying not to freak out over this but I think AOL is really screwing up.
    Oh well..everyone seems to be trying to take the change in stride. I shall attempt do the same.
    Deep breath,,,,remember your karma.

    have a good day.


  4. Whew...found you! What a stampede we are having.I'm just happy that we can stick together- the new adventures of J-landers, http://odestotheoddptdeux.blogspot.com/ha Dannelle