Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hey, look what I did. I added a photo. The thing is-I did it completely by accident. I was just looking at what to do clicked on the pic I wanted and poof. Who knew?

Well, day 2 has me trying to follow everyone, and just figure this all out better. I'm so proud of me! I haven't deleted anything major yet, which is always a good sign in my book.

Did I tell you that we were feeding a stray cat? She showed up one day and Potsey's girlfriend fed her, so she adopted us(for the free food). Well, they're supposed to be finding her a home, only now the situation's just a little bit more complicated.

I discovered that she has 3 kittens. Very adorable kittens just about a month old. I would love to keep one, but don't have the money for the extra security deposit. Or the vet bills. I did name them, though. The little girl is Cleo-as in Cleopatra-with lines around her eyes that look like heavy eyeliner. The 2 little boys are Marc(he's the only one with a black mark on his nose) and you guessed it, the other boy is Anthony(Tony for short). ::sigh:: I've tried not to get attached, they have to leave here.

Well, that's it from this front, for now.

~Thanks For Stopping By~


  1. This looks great!! Thanks for leaving a comment in my new blog, and for giving me the link to yours. I have you on my list now, so I'll keep up.

  2. I think everything I've done to has been an accident! Glad to see you joined the migration!

  3. Thanks for the link. I have you in my favorites file (because you're one of my favorites, of course). DB

  4. Wow is right! I just figured out how to check if new blogs were out. Now I have blogger dashboard set up I think..,Dannelle

  5. Oh you're already caught! lol I do hope you find homes for the other kittens, but I know you are already attached -- there's no way you couldn't be.

  6. hello! great to see you. I am trying to figure all this out also!

  7. I think your amazing, and I'm glad your here. Thank you for all that you are and for your reads being so real. Take care and WELCOME my friend,

  8. Hi Leigh, thanks for your comment! I don't think I've read you before, and I'm looking forward to "following" you!

    All my best,

  9. I found my way here! Sounds like you have adopted a new cat! Have fun. : ) Luv ya!

  10. Hi Leigh! So glad we got that link address corrected.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  11. Looks great and as you learn blogger you'll love it.

    Glad you moved over here.


  12. Me "3" LOL ~ I think everything I've kind of figured out etc. has been by accident. LOL ~ Welcome to the Migration :) Blogger has been "hit" ROFL... once they heard about AOL Hometown I'm sure they expected this, or at least I hope they had that foresight.
    I could not give up those cats, it would break my heart... :(
    Thank you for visiting me hon...look forward to ALL of our (AOL Journalers) coming together again.
    Oh, yes... did I mention I'm proud of you? LOL. I am.