Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Muse Has Left The Building....

I do believe my creative Muse has taken a long winter vacation to some warm sunny beach. The bit@& didn't invite me along, didn't even tell me where she was going or how long I'll be without her guidance.

I'm just not getting the words right when I try to write a piece about the beauty of this season, it's there, I've seen it, but to describe it, to paint a picture with words? Not so much. I'll keep trying.

I have this vision of a bracelet, but putting it together last night, it just wasn't what I had in mind. I'll tear it apart and try again. I also have a necklace in mind, but to find just the right pendant has been an exercise in frustration. I'll keep looking.

I hope she comes home soon!

Granted it's been a long tough winter, so cold that the frost is 3 ft. down in the ground. Our village has asked us to keep our water running-at least a pencil sized stream-to prevent the lines from freezing and bursting. There have been a few signs that some already have. We have a reprieve from the bitter cold for a few days, we may even hit 32 by the weekend, then back to the fun. At least my car is running okay-starting every day.

Other than that, life is generally quiet and uninteresting. That may be a good thing....

Son is back in classes, is happy and overwhelmed with all the reading he has to do this term. He mentioned a book he'd like to read, so just to add to the pressure, I'm sending it to him for his birthday in April(don't worry, he's too busy to read here)!

Work has remained steady, no sudden changes in schedule, or really short weeks. I could use another 5 or 6 hours a week($$$), but I'm doing okay.

I've been toying with the idea of putting in a garden, some veggies and herbs, but I would have to put up some sort of fencing to keep the deer from eating more than their fair share-which would be none! I'll have to give this some more consideration.

So, while I (im)patiently await the return of my muse that's about it for now. And as always....

~Thanks For Stopping By~


  1. Sorry to hear that your Muse has abandoned you for the moment. I know it's only temporary! But don't you hate it when there's just nothing there?

    We put up a massive fence to keep the deer out of the garden--8' high, with 2' underground. There are so many deer around here that a garden without a fence would be like putting out a smorgasbord for them!

    Hang tight--spring is on the way soon! :)

    Hugs, Beth

  2. Leigh, its hard to lose a muse; I'm betting she will return and will be rested up from her vacation she snuck off to without you and the words soon will be flowing from your heart/mind to the pen (or keyboard)

    thanks for wanting to play the game; I'll give you the letter "K"; looking forward to reading your answers :)

    hang in there; spring is in the air!! its so close!!!


  3. just enjoy the quiet. the words will come. stay warm!


  4. I lost my creative muse a few months ago too. Maybe my muse and your muse took off somewhere to a warm climate until spring arrives! LOL

  5. ~Sigh~ the fickle muse in all of us. Lately, I've been thinking mine is vacationing below the border somewhere nice and toasty. I hope yours returns soon and is brimming full of ideas and possibilities for you.
    Until then, stay warm!