Thursday, January 1, 2009

Zampe Susempu!

In capcha that translates to:

Happy New Year Everyone!

My wish for you is a year of wonderful possibilities.

I've found some of the word verifications to be quite linguistic! What better way to grab the attention of readers who haven't heard much from me in the past 6 weeks.

It's been a time of trial and tribulations at home and work. More stress than I'm used to, and I wasn't handling it very well. Ways to express it without whining escaped me, and the best solution was to pause in my writing and just "get through it".

No, things haven't magically resolved themselves, but there is such hope with the start of a new year, looking more toward the future than the past or present....

Looking at things from a more practical angle, concentrating on today rather than obsessing on the ever unpredictable future is a resolution I've taken to heart. There are things that I cannot change, things that I can modify and ease to a reasonable extent, things that will be tossed out the door as useless in the grand scheme of my life right now.

Concentrating on my needs(intellectual, emotional, and spiritual) at this time in my life is top priority, keeping that practical theme in mind, living the way I mean for my life to evolve. If I'm going to grow into the person I can picture, I've got to begin as I mean to go on.

The passing of the season of *sometimes* unrealistic expectations-and by that I mean the way I wish things were-getting down to the nitty gritty of getting through the rest of the winter season and the hope of increasing light on a daily basis, are my guiding principles. Living to my best ability in the choices I've made.

My New Year's Eve was a fairly quiet evening at home, watching VH-1's "Top 100 Hard Rock Songs", and sipping on some Hot Damn(Cinnamon Schnapps) and Butter Shots(Butterscotch Schnapps). I say fairly quiet because the stereo speakers can "crank the volume"! Bro has a bad cold, so the Lysol was close at hand. Son was out of town at a celebration, so we shared our New Year's wishes earlier. I snacked on heart-attack popcorn and shrimp cocktail and watched a year that I wasn't pleased with slip quietly into memory! Yeah for that!

There are-of course-other things I want to work on during the next year. I'll be writing more in both my journals, chronicaling my thoughts and the living of my life. When I struggle with those words, I feel a loss of connection with myself.

So, with a brand new year and all its possibilities in front of me.....

~Thanks For Stopping By~


  1. Leigh, I wish you a 2009 that provides GOOD things for you. You seem to be such a sweet and caring person, and I think this needs to be the Year of Leigh!! :)

    Hugs, Beth

  2. I said kind of the same thing in my blog...

    happy new year!!

  3. i am also happy to have watched 2008 slip away. your sentiments about the new year are so similar to mine! I think we are both in for a much better year!!!

  4. Here is to all of us, having a much better year in 2009!
    Glad I discovered your blog..

  5. I hope it is a good year for you Leigh!! I think you are doing good proactive things for yourself during this season of your life


  6. It seems we both took some time off for a break. It's good to see you back, thanks for popping by today.
    Happy New Year to you Leigh, Gaz x

  7. Happy New Year Leigh. A fundamental and constant exercise in this pageant we live is how to coordinate the things we have chosen for ourselves to make a future, with the unexpected visits from things that don't seem to fit the pattern. That's what makes it so interesting. The only use for 2008 is to examine the ways I tried to do that so I can do it better. You have a good attitude and a good spirit. Here's to you. D

  8. Hoping your new year brings with it all the things you've dreamed of most! Take care and enjoy,

  9. Leigh, I can SO relate. The past two months have been that way for me too. I'm glad you have your priorities set, and I hope things go well for you. Oh, and Zampe Susempu to you, too!

  10. Have a happy 2009. Leigh!
    Thank God for care-givers! I never knew
    how important they are until my parents
    needed them. Bless you for the work you
    do and also for the compassion you show.
    I'm sure your crown will have many stars.
    Love, Pat