Friday, May 8, 2009

"Frankly My Dear" Friday

I don't give a damn.....

This idea was created by Lori at Dusty Pages last month on April 9th, and I'm just now catching up to what I think is a great concept.

My frustration on my first "Frankly My Dear" Friday is with the male of the species!

To any of my male readers, this is not directed at you. Just one certain male creature.

I would just like to know why some men are as dense as the fog on a warm lake on a cold morning!

Tonight we were sitting at the table discussing plans for gardening and gathering wood for the firepit and smoker. You have to have a permit issued by the Dept. of Natural Resources in order to harvest downed dead(only) wood on state land. It's a 90 day permit with a 5 cord limit for personal use(not to sell). I don't think this particular permit is for those who use wood as a source of heat, that's a different permit. But for $20, you can harvest alot of firewood and I made the comment that we could stack enough to have some for the fireplace next winter.

"The fireplace chimney has to be cleaned before we dare use it." Okay we'll find someone to come in and clean and check the chimney this summer.

"That permit isn't for fireplace wood. That's a source of heat." Right, but not the 'main' source of heat. That's the different permit.

"That's alot of wood to cut and haul." I'm more than willing to come out in the woods and haul wood that you cut. I'd like to have a fire in the fireplace, I think it'd be nice.

"It's getting too warm for a fire now, and I'm starting back to work(Thank The Gods!), so I don't have the time." I'm not talking about doing this right now-next winter. Oh, just never mind.

With that he stalks off, goes to his room, changes his clothes and leaves.

Buh Bye! I've got journal entries to do....mwuhahaha.

I just get so fed up with his attitude at times. If it's something he doesn't want to do he plays dumb. Or agrees to do something and then just never gets around to it(a round tuit, which I actually have someplace, cute little wooden coin).

I don't ask him to do many things for me. He had a cow, when I asked him if he could pick me up when I drop my car off to be worked on. "I have to go to work at 7:30 on Monday." I can drop my car off on Sunday after work, I'm not asking you to be late for work, bonehead. Just never mind-I'll walk.

I asked him to check out my bike, get it ready to ride this summer. I need the gearshift adjusted or fixed. An hour of his time, if that. A month later and it's still not done. It won't be done by him, now, so if I want to ride, I'll have to pay someone else to do it(which I can't afford, right now).

End of rant. Actually not the whole end of my frustration, that's just what has me doing my Rhett Butler imitations tonight.

Deep Breath...In....Out...In...Out... :)

~Thanks For Stopping By~

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  1. I can see why you're frustrated. That sounds maddening!