Monday, May 11, 2009

Short and Sweet.

...simply because I'm very tired tonight. I was up till 12am, then up at 5:45 this morning and have had a busy day.

My car has been repaired-well at least the oil leak-and it was $15 cheaper than quoted! Yay! Next on the list is a thorough tune-up. Did I mention that she's over the 200,000 mile marker now? I've put almost 100,000 of those miles on her all by myself. She had 108,000 when I bought her on Jan. 31st, 2003. I've sure gotten my $2500. worth! My mechanic swears I can get another 30,000 or 40,000 out of her, yet.

Today I headed south around the lake to the other state park, the South Higgins Lake State Park. I don't usually go there in the summertime. It's more of party park with a much younger crowd. It's the second largest state park in Michigan-campsite wise, with 400. That, up here in a rural area, is almost a town all on it's own. There's just too many people there for me. But....this time of year all is quiet.

My only companion today was a black squirrel that sat about 10 feet away warily hoping to share my corn chips(I love corn chips). He/she got within 4 feet of me, eventually, and was quite comical to watch, but didn't really care for the piece of banana I tossed out.

I walked along the shoreline with my baggie(I don't know where the park's trash bags are) and had it full to overflowing, wishing I had another, when I looked ahead and there in the waves washing up on shore was a baggie! I swear! I filled it up as well. Now, my legs really are protesting tonight.

The south end of the lake is actually much warmer than the north end. There aren't as many springs feeding in, so I could wade a bit without my feet going numb. There have been some minnow hatches, so there were all these little tiny 1/2 inch fishies, following me around checking out the top layer of sand that I stirred up, where they find their dinner plankton.

I spent over 2 hours in the sun, fresh air and breezes. That's always an ingredient for a good night's sleep. Which is what I'm going to do as soon as I post in Walking...

~Thanks For Stopping By~

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