Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Invasion!

The weather forecast is for perfect Indian Summer days this weekend! Yay! The leaves are almost at peak for color change, high temps in the low to mid 70's. I'll be headed outside to enjoy it, maybe get a (skip the rest of this sentence, camera pros) disposable camera and take some pictures. (Son cringes when I use those words)
Our yard has been invaded-by bouncing, running, jumping, inquisitive kittens. They're 6 weeks old now, and their little legs are strong and almost sure as they scamper all over the place. And I do mean ALL over the place. I've fished one out from behind the trash bin(the box we have to put the trash bags in, to keep animals out), coaxed the boys out from under my car, so that I could leave for work, and cleaned up spilled cat food more times than I care to count.
They're starting to eat the dry food we put out for Mom and haven't learned that "all you have to do is put your head in the bowl", yes, I've been telling them that. A flat tray with a big rock in the middle has cured the problem for now. They sure are cute, though.
Speaking of Son, I've IM'd a few times with him this last week. He's doing well in school, except for the life drawing class. He's got some habits and techniques to change and is "just doing so-so." I pointed out to him that he's been drawing that way for almost 20 years, be patient and don't get discouraged.
I've been working on adding the hit counter. The gadget window kept telling me there was illegal code in the URL. ::sigh:: I gave up last night and will try again tonight. I'm going to find a course "for dummies" for one of my winter projects. I'm tired of just stumbling around.
The economy woes are invading our house. Bro got laid off yesterday, a whole 6 weeks early. He works for an excavation company and the housing market disaster has hit the building industry hard in our area.
::Heavy sigh:: Now I'll have him underfoot at home. I enjoy my quiet, private time during the day when he's at work. I'll have to encourage him to go hunting or fishing or something. JUST GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!
I'm heading out to enjoy the weather, hope you all have a great weekend! And as always...

~Thanks For Stopping By~


  1. Like the picture, wish it were larger! I miss my stray cat (Lady Grey) from old house. She just disappeared the first day we moved boxes. I guess she knew-
    Picture taking is fun, I'm no photographer but I love to take pictures! I couldn't get a counter either, what's up with that? Dannelle CODE: idqhlqy~I don't qualify: high laureate quorum, y'all!

  2. It is supposed to be a great weekend weather wise. Hope you have a great day.

  3. The kittens sound adorable, I can imagine them scampering about the yard. Hope you enjoy the beautiful fall weather and snapping those pictures!

  4. Maybe you can put up a picture of the kittens soon. They're always so adorable!