Friday, October 10, 2008

Moving Day

It's kinda funny, just think about it for a minute(I mean me-think). Moving has been the impetus for 2 of the 3 blogs I have. (In a roundabout way all three)
I started "I Was Thinking..." when we were getting ready to move. With all the details, hitches, physical labor, and mental thought processes involved, wanting to start a public journal, this was my material for the beginnings of my first venture into being a blog-author.
Then came "~Walking In My Shoes, Honestly~". Another move, but a more internal move into creating a healthier self-perspective. Sharing my thought processes and progress with all the wonderful friends I've made over the last year or so.
"My Thoughts, Honestly" was created as a result of the news that AOL Journals was closing it's doors. I AM ADDICTED TO JOURNALS! Not just necessarily mine-but the concept in general. So there had to be a new outlet created. And in those early days I wasn't really sure what I was going to do about moving the others over to our new home, so a third journal was born.
Here I am now, with all my journals safely tucked into one host. I've been one of the fortunate ones. My journals moved without a hitch. I didn't have to change the names, just added "The Memories" to "I Was Thinking..." to mark it as an archived journal. And who knows, I may add entries to it from time to time, we'll see.
I have yet to decorate, fiddle with colors, add the "stuff", and add them to my reading list, but the passport's been stamped, the boxes are all over the place, and I'll work on settling in and start living here.
I have to go back and clean out the old places, spend a few minutes in contemplation of what they have meant to me, and say good-bye. It seems there are always endings associated with beginnings. The optimism of the new start, tinted with the melancholy of heart for what has ended.
I was going to delete everything, cut the ties myself, rather than just let AOL send my writing into oblivion. Then another journaller(Dan, from Slapions) wrote an entry on the movie "Titanic" and I rethought my decision. I'll craft a good-bye entry for both public journals, delete the private one that I used for a clearinghouse of thoughts, and go down with the ship. I'll be right there with the orchestra that stood ondeck and played their instruments to the bitter end. I've got my lifejacket on and we already know that I'll be rescued-I'm here, aren't I? I know, corny, but it's early and my mind is wandering into the fanciful.
I've been gathering some inspiration, making notes for new entries, the whole of it on hold, till I knew I'd arrive with all my past glorys(is that right?) safely delivered. I'll have to remember to tip the delivery guys-they did a pretty good job, nothing was lost.
Now, I think I'll go fiddle with the colors(I love painting) and "stuff", add my journals to my "I'm reading" list and make myself at home.

~Thanks For Stopping By~

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  1. I decided to leave my AOL journal up until it turns midnight on the 30th. I'm going to kill it myself on Halloweeeeeen! Ooooo! LOL