Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where else?

Where else but here? Whether it's our new home, or back in the old digs, where else can you find such diversity brought together. (Dannelle, I got this idea after reading your entry, hope you don't mind)
What does this mean to me? It means that I can say, "Well, you know, I have a friend in (fill in the blank) that had 110 degrees today." Or think to myself, I've met so many people that have broadened my horizons, inspired me to write, improve my vocabulary, THINK about things from more than just the perspective of the confines of my insular, small town life. I've come to realize that there are so many things in life that I know so little about. It ignites the fire-the desire- to learn, study, dream.
If there had been a place like this 35 years ago, that I could have been a part of, I may have had the inspiration to be more than, or at least something different than what I am today. Who knows?
I do know that I seem to be in a place in my life where I want to learn more. I know that the knowledge is just for my thirst for learning, more than anything else. Just for me.
Bro gave me a birthday card-the message outside-Have a "cat" kind of birthday. The message inside-Do anything you damn well please. His message-You do anyway! Well, he's right, I do.
I'm 53, have memory retention problems, can read something and forget it by the next day. But I keep reading, keep trying to learn. I think small portions of it stay with me, and if I keep at it, eventually I'll remember most all of it. And I'm doing it all to please "me".
And where else but here, can I read small town news, global problems, thoughts on politics, all about the grandkids, anniversaries, weather from east to west, north to south, all from the personal views of the writers here.
For what could be termed a small community-we certainly are global.
Where else?
Just some thoughts floating through my mind while I'm sitting here waiting for the potatoes to cook, for the corn chowder and corn bread/muffins dinner tonight.

~Thanks For Stopping by~


  1. Life is all about learning, it's what you put to use that matters and it seems as though your doing a terrific job. Take care and enjoy the rest of your Today!

  2. Dinner sounds good! I'm having Apple Cider-Butternut Squash soup (with leftover meatloaf on the side!). I have just begun to tell family about the "other side" of the family they didn't know about- They think it is a hoot and a half. Now I am asked "How's Miss Ginger?" or "what's Leigh up too?" and the inevitable "Auntie Em, Auntie Em" Like I said before- I'm the Mema, gotta love me! Dannelle

  3. Leigh, Well said! and belated birthday wishes!

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  4. I totally agree with you... I love to read and learn! And, thru blogs it is so interesting to learn about others lives and points of view!

    be well...

  5. Beautifully said, Leigh. Sometimes I feel like my mind is a sponge, and I just want to soak up all I can, about so many different subjects! Cousin Shane and I were talking Friday night about how one of our most hated phrases is "I'm bored." How on earth can anyone be BORED when there is so much to learn and explore? Does not compute.

    Great entry!
    Love, Beth

  6. I liked this Leigh; it is always good to be trying to learn something new, no matter how long it takes us to get it down; and it is also wonderful we can discover so many different things about each other and their communities by getting to know each other here through journals; great entry!


  7. It is pretty amazing, the diversity the Internet has put at our feet. I know I love reading others perspective on the helps keep a mind open and growing.

    May your learning continue, no matter the route, it's those who think they know enough (no matter age) that worry me~~