Monday, October 13, 2008

Well, Happy Columbus Day-sort of!

I had plans for today, things I needed to do that will have to wait till tomorrow, and Wednesday. ::sigh::
I completely forgot about the holiday, had planned to go take care of errands today-only have one 4-7 shift. I was proud of myself for setting up all this so that I have time this week for other activities.
I'm usually a very disorganized "last minute lucy" when it comes to things like bill paying, laundry, or things with any kind of deadline. I have my auto insurance set up to automatically come out of my checking account on time, have my pay direct deposited, just to make things easier, but if I have to do it myself, it gets put off or sometimes even forgotten till the last minute or even late.
So here I am with all this time today, but no money, it's not technically deposited till business tomorrow. I can't go do the laundry, get my license plates and renew my drivers license, pay my storage unit(which was due yesterday, but they were closed), get groceries, or take that scenic drive to my afternoon client. ::heavier sigh::
I started a private blog for the catch-all stuff, entry ideas, rough drafts, and reminders to myself. I've been checking out some of the gadgets, trying them on that journal. There's some really neat things there.
I'm still trying to figure out how to add a hit counter, it keeps saying there are illegal symbols in the URL and rejecting my attempts. I must be missing something, some step, or click. Maybe later.
I'm gonna go catch up on reading journals, and have to send an e-mail to Son. I got a letter from his grandmother(ex-MIL) asking me for his new phone number and address. He'll have to take care of that himself. I'm not wasting postage on the woman.(I still resent the way I was treated by her) Anyways, I'll be back later....

~Thanks For Stopping By~


  1. I had errands to run today but most of mine included the bank and post office and now they're not open. Wasted day for me! LOL

  2. I am sorry that your day isn't going as planned... that stinks. As for your mil, your son should choose to handle that relationship how he wants at this point. You have no need to continue to deal with her... so good for you!

    be well...

  3. All the rest of your gadgets are great. The counter will happen. I haven't paid attention to mine because I am having too much fun reconnecting with all the "old-timers" or refugees from aol. Now I have some new ones (since aol) too, but you, Jackie, and Emmi are still my oldest and dearest "cyber contacts". Gee, I guess there are others who have become my heart felt friends also, but you three are the originals! Get the bills done and the rest will get done eventually, my philosophy, which I should follow, ha. Dannelle

  4. I set up a "To Do" List once a month at the begining of the month for one of my clients and set it near her coffee maker. She uses to this day and guess what, she never forgets... what's on that list anyway. Maybe something like this will help. Click on my counter it will show many choices and it was really easy to install. Take care and have a wonderful day,

  5. You're "not wasting postage on the woman." LOL Good for you!

    Sorry your plans had to be delayed! Hope it won't cause a problem for you.


  6. Hope your Tuesday and Wednesday are better and you get all your errands done :o)

  7. maybe it wasn't a wasted day; maybe it gave you just some free time to be creative without a lot of other things that had to get done; hoping you made it a good day


  8. Hi Leigh! I had forgotten about yesterday, too, and I had some things to mail. Oh well! Hope you got caught up today. I use sitemeter for my hit counter, and so far it's working okay.