Saturday, October 11, 2008

Look, that's me!

Well, the short one on the right. The tall one on the left is my handsome Son.
I've got to thank my nephew, Potsey for helping me with this. Something else I need to learn how to do!
Now for the hit counter.
:) Leigh


  1. yea!! you got the picture on!! beautiful woman and handsome son!!!

    (sorry I forgot to add you as following your blog so I hadn't been getting announcements of your postings; now I'm up and running with them :)

    enjoy the day


  2. looks like you are doing great on learning how to do all this stuff!!!!

  3. hey you! I hope everything is going well for you and with you. I'm sitting here trying to plow through alerts that I haven't had time to do till this morning. I think you are doing wonderfully with your blogs hon...truly! Brightest of Blessings* Teresa

  4. Oh yes, you and your son look wonderful! Blessings again (can't ever get enough of those right? LOL) Teresa

  5. Look at you! Love the pic!! Yay! Your journal looks great and you are learning fast! Kittens too! Yay! I love kittens... maybe you can put pics in a post!

    be well...